Welcome! I am Melissa Walden, a psychotherapist in private practice with a group of clinicians that make up Madison Counseling and Wellness. I strive to work in combination with patients and families to meet therapeutic goals. I use a combination of treatment interventions that include a psychodynamic approach, as well as skill building using both cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapies. These skill building techniques are used to empower patients by incorporating these skills into their daily lives to resolve interpersonal conflict. 

 It is crucial to me to build a trusting relationship with my patients, providing a safe environment where patients feel comfortable exploring their beliefs, thoughts and feelings and how this can influence behaviors. 

 Eating Disorders: Eating disorders are a special area of clinical interest for me. I have worked at all levels of care including, inpatient, residential, partial hospitalization, and outpatient settings. I have experience in facilitating group therapy, as well as working with families, couples, and individuals. When working with patients with eating disorders I will collaborate and work as part of a team with the patient, support people, and other providers. Because eating disorders are such complex disorders, it is common for patients to work with a treatment team that addresses psychiatric, medical, and nutritional needs.